St. Georges Pest Control - Fly Screening

There is a range of flyscreening products to solve and prevent flying insect problems.
Screens are individually tailored for any size window or door entrance and are suitably robust for use in commercial and industrial premises.Flyscreening can also be used in the domestic home.
Fly Screen Windows and Doors
Hinged Screen
Aluminium frame, covered with PVC coated fibreglass mesh which is fire retardant. The mesh is kept taut and secure with a pliable rubber gasket design and the screens are kept in place by retaining clips which can be easily removed for cleaning.
Sliding Screen
Comprising of two of three polyester coated aluminium flyscreens, each screen moves independently in the sliding channel of the framework allowing easy access to windows.
Box Screen
Aluminium box screen design (would suit louvre windows) made to measure to ensure the window can still open with the screen in place.
Centre Pivot Screen
A centre pivot window screened in two sections, one internal and one external. The window is sealed by a 45⁰ angled fly proof brush-strip.
Fly Screen Door
A heavy duty, aluminium framed door in brown or white finish. The PVC coated fibreglass mesh, together with the aluminium amplimesh, gives strength and protection. Push and kick plates fitted to the middle and base of the door add to its durability.

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